3X3 - a new module that will enrich the student actor with new techniques.

The Module takes place over 3 months. It will be taught by 3 teachers from 3 different perpectives



Cosmina Stratan - actress. At first, Cosmina studied Journalism and worked as TV reporter and news coordinator. After a while, she shifted her focus towards acting and was admitted at National University for Theater and Film in Bucharest. Before she finished her acting studies, Cosmina was casted to play Voichita in Beyond the Hills by Cristian Mungiu. She received a best actress award for that role (ex-aequo with Cristina Flutur) and started an impressive career in film both nationally and internationally. Cosmina is very much self-taught and she approaches the characters through an intimate, personal technique.


At The Acting School, says Cosmina, for a month, we will come to understand what acting means for each of us. When, how and why we use it? How do we get to a character?



Valeriu Andriuta - actor, director. He first studied acting in Tblisi, in Georgia. Afterwards, he studied directing at U.N.A.T.C., in Bucharest. He played in over 30 films in Romania, Rusia, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany. As a film actor, he worked with Cristian Mungiu, Serghei Loznitsa, Pavel Lunghin, Florin Serban and many others Starting in the ‘90’s and continuing to this day, Valeriu directed theater, played in Romanian, Russian, English, and Georgian language, translated and adapted theater from various languages. He recently started directing films.


Valeriu: The October part of the course will be about focus and attention in performance. About how an actor’s focus could make him live and breath in the situation, and then create freely.



Florin Serban - director, screenwriter and producer. At first, Florin studied Philosophy and got a MA in Hermeneutics and Philosophy of Culture. His interest shifted towards film and he studied Directing at National University for Theater and Film in Bucharest. After graduationFlorin got a scholarship  from Columbia University in New York and studied Film Directing for another 4 years. With his first film w  “If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle (2010) Florin won the Silver Bear - Jury Grand Prix and Alfred Bauer Prize for innovation in cinema at Berlinale. With his second feature, BOX (2015), Florin won FIPRESCI at Karlovy Vary. 

In August 2018, the feature film Love 1. Dog, the first in the Trilogy of Love, was screened at the Sarajevo International Film Festival, where it won the ART CINEMA and CINEUROPA awards. 

In November, together with the students of 3X3, I want to create characters. We’ll sketch characters in a few meetings in September and October and, in November, we will put life into them.

Finally, after the 3 months of the course, 2 or 3 characters developed in 3X3 and their creators will be selected to create a feature film script that will be produced by Fantascope Films. Their creators will bring them to life in the film. Florin Serban

To be eligible for Module 3X3, an applicant must have completed at least Module 1. The course will take place at The Acting School, near Piata Romana. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:30 to 21, Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.

For questions – inscrieri@scoaladeactorie.ro.  The ones willing to be part of the 3x3 module will send a letter. 10 of them will be selected for the module. Applications are open until the 9th of July.