The 2nd module

As time went on, the 2nd module took on different shapes. It initially consisted of acclaimed Romanian film industry professionals being invited to have workshops on specific aspects of the craft. Corneliu Porumboiu (director),  Clara Voda (actor), George Piștereanu (actor), Emil Slotea (casting director), Cristian Crisbășan (photographer), Viorica Vatamanu (speech techniques). But, as time passed, it became clear that, before a young or aspiring actor should learn the details of the craft he must find a technique of work that suits him. To accomplish that, the students must be exposed to as many acting techniques as possible. For that reason, the 2nd module now focuses on a technique called RELEASE, a technique that combines pre-meditational states with dramatic needs. The 2nd module is been taught by Florin Șerban.