Narcis - Romulus Dobrin - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st module, starring in BOX.

My name is Romulus Dobrin, but my friends call me Narcis. I didn't study acting, although I would have loved it. Ever since I was a child, I dreamed about starring in a hit movie. You know what they say: a dream will come true if you hold on to it. And that was my dream: to become an actor some day.
At The Acting School I had the feeling I was doing something I really loved, and Mr. Florin was always very supportive. He proved to be extremely patient with us. He taught us to love this profession.
On the set I saw how difficult it was to do a movie, the team effort involved in it. Everybody puts in it a part of their soul, from cable guy, all the way up to the director.