I realised how difficult it is to play a role, but it is equally beautiful, with all its hardships. I discovered another side of me and I understood how important it is to express our feelings and how much this affects us and the people around us. 

Ana Maria Mihail, Bucharest - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st module and 2nd modules 


First of all, I appreciated the teaching method, the way Florin Serban managed to practice the exercises with all of us, equitably, his patience when he explained to each one of us where we should improve our act, in order to achieve a certain goal... so his way of working with the “client's material” is ideal in a profession like this one, where the “right way” and the appropriate method to achieve the desired results, depend on each one of us. Florin Serban handed me the tools and now, I can finally “get to work”. 

Adrian Nartea, Bucharest - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st module


I felt like home, surrounded by the sincerity of a family where I learned the first steps. A family which reminded me who I was; I learned to manage my own thoughts and feelings and to express them in words or actions. It's here that I discovered the power of imagination and the importance of a thought, especially when it is conveyed and received by means of simple looks. 

The Acting School laid the foundation of my acting skills and it was there when I needed it the most. It was a dream come true and I am more than pleased that I got the chance to live this experience at the right time in my life. 

Alina Bratuianu, Bucharest - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st and 2nd modules 


The acting course is pretty much practical before all and I would describe it as "formative" and not "in-formative", because it isn't focused on conveying information, but teaching the specific reflexes and skills of this craft. 
Personally, I managed to break (or at least to crack a little) some inner boundaries, to evoke an emotion and to lend it to the character. 

Alexandru Ion, Bucharest - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st module

What I’ve discovered here was above all my expectations! I’ve discovered that the main tool we had to use was honesty, because, as Florin told us many times during our rehearsals, we cannot lie in front of the camera. That has made us confront and overcome our fears, expose our souls and, unlike what we’ve expected (that we would feel embarrassed), we’ve become stronger.

Adriana Neagoe, Bucharest - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st and 2nd modules 

The most amazing thing was the fact that there wasn't a universal recipe, there were no algorhythms and theorems appliable to all of us; Florin Serban's teaching method was personalized for each of us, taking into consideration our mental structure. By examining us closely, discovering what buttons had to be pushed, Florin Serban taught us, first of all, an individual lesson about ourselves, about what each of us should do in order to become a complete actor. It was the only time in my life when, by attending some classes, I felt I was not a mere receiver who is being addressed a universal message; I was an interlocutor and the messages reached my true inner person. 

Ruxandra Burcescu, Bucharest - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st module 

These acting classes made me think differently, made me think of the people around me, and stop taking advantage from people's kindness; I learned to respect people, to be kinder, more flexible, to help them if it's in my power to do it, to protect them against the wickedness of others, to keep my head on my shoulders, to be able to use my own imagination and to get to know myself better.

Robert Soare, Bucharest - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st and 2nd modules 

One of the most powerful moments in my life happened here. At the end of one take in the first module, I had a vision as to how my life could look like if I only had the courage to change things. Until that moment, it was hard for me to assume what I wanted the most. I always thought that I was supposed to do only what society expected me to. Here, you learn to enjoy what you really are and do everything that you want to do.
Izabela Daogaru, Bucharest - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st and 2nd modules 

I regained the courage to experiment my passion for acting, and in a broader sense, the courage to put behind me the fears which paralyze us while your life lives you, instead of the other way around. 

Maglina Filimon, Bucharest - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st and 2nd modules

For me, this was a unique experience, an excellent opportunity to practice concentration exercises, a surprising way to open up emotionally and to discover myself. 

Loredana Burda, Bucharest - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st module

The classes I took at The Acting School helped me both professionally and personally. I developed both as an actress and as a human being. I lived one of the most intense moments here, I let myself carried away and be someone else, be myself. I used to come to school laughing and left the class crying. Florin Serban can be very intimidating, he reads your mind and the possibility to hide your  emotions from him is practically nil. 

Elena Paraschiv, Mindelheim, Germany - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st module 


These classes helped me, first of all professionally, I've learned a film acting technique which isn't taught in the acting schools in Romania, and second of all, they helped me discover some truths about myself. 

Mihai Ripan, Bucharest - graduate of The Acting School, 
the 1st and 2nd modules

I experienced a great satisfaction whenever I got the chance to practice my imagination skills in front of my classmates, surrounded by their attention and sincerity. After a while, I started to understand a few things about myself, I managed to put some order into my head and tame my restless thoughts, and then, I learned to stop judging everything around me, and instead to start noticing the beauty of things!

Roxana Alexa, Lugoj - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st module 
and 2nd modules  


This experience brought me peace of mind. I set myself free from the obsession of self control, even if only for a few seconds or a few minutes. Step by step, I began to let my emotions “live”, without supresing or pushing them.

Irina Munteanu, Bucharest - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st module


The Acting School is the place where I rediscovered myself; it gave me the trust I needed and the will to keep on exploring new depths, to cross the familiar borders in order to find the magic that each of us is looking for. 

Argentina Multescu, Bucharest - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st module 


For some people, the change, the last drop or the transformation, as I like to call it, comes after a week of stay in hospital, after the loss of someone dear; for me, it was The Acting School. 

Maria Fratila, Timisoara - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st module and 2nd modules 

It helped me change a little bit in the right direction. First of all, this experience changed me, and changed the reality surrounding me, especially the way I relate to others.

Second of all, I got a clear picture about acting and film in general. 

Remus Vesler, Bucharest - graduate of The Acting School, the 1st module 


It is extremely difficult to be an actor. If until now, I used to appreciate the actors at a superficial level, according to certain criteria relating to the finality of their work, things are different now. After I saw the extent of spiritual and mental availability that an actor must have, how much effort is necessary for him to get into character and then get out of it, and still keep his mind and his heart  clear and sane after all these changes, now, I appreciate much more the work of an actor. 

Florin Serban is an exceptional teacher, a fabulous director and a man to my liking. If you ever feel tempted to discover the secrets of this profession, I recommend him with all my gratitude and my humble experience. And, of course, I recommend The Acting School.

Andreea Burlacu, Bucharest - attended The Acting School within the Prestigio project