Age, studies, fine looks, all these are irrelevant when it comes to film acting. A film actor needs three things only: courage, imagination and a face which tells a story. That's all it takes. These are the main criteria for the admission at The Acting School. 
For the first module, there are three categories of students at The Acting School, and one must select the category he/she falls into when applying for an interview.

1. People who have a passion for acting and, for some reason, have never fulfilled their dream to become professional actors. This category also includes people who are brave enough and have the will to shape their personality, or people who wish to explore long forgotten places in their hearts, people who are ready to know themselves better. This category shall pay the school fee.

2. Young people who were admitted to Juvenile Detention Centers, Correctional Schools or Orphanages, or have been raised in foster care. This category is tax free.

3. Young people who want to become actors and prove to have quite exceptional talent. They must be under 24 years of age and must not be acting school graduates. This category is tax free.

The classes of the first module are attended by groups of 12 students. 10 students fall into the first category, one or two into the last two categories. Once or twice a year we'll make a selection for groups of students with a different percentage of the above mentioned categories.

Admission to the first module consists of an interview, or a series of interviews, depending on the category which the student falls into.

Access to the second module is done based on an invitation from The Acting School. The beneficiaries of the invitation must be graduates of the first module. 

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